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Flexibility in design is a major advantage of our prefabricated telecom buildings. Building size, appearance, design loads etc. can be changed according to your need. A variety of flooring options are also available for prefabricated buildings. Expandability is another merit, in which modular expansion to accommodate future requirements is possible. All steel frame work and panel constructions in telecom buildings will have life time quality. Lightweight steel frames and non combustible steel construction are other good points.

The building wiring issue is addressed, stressing the need for a topology accommodating ISDN and all branch LAN needs. The interfacing of the telecommunications systems with the building automation and office automation systems.

Benefits of using Et-Cetera Engineering for your today telecommunication construction:

Shorter Schedule - Faster than other construction methods.

Economical - Can work within budget constraints in design of building.

Flexible Terms - Our dealers can design a financing package tailored to your requirements.

Building Codes - Our structures meet or exceed the any telecommunication structural requirements.

Comfortable - Create a comfortable working environment for your personnel.

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