Et-cetera Engineering Limited
Et-cetera Engineering Limited
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Et-Cetera Engineering Ltd has built a solid foundation for using innovative and proven techniques in providing reliable shutdown safety systems to monitor remote, unattended production facilities. We also provide innovative, reliable monitor and shutdown safety systems for remote, unattended production facilities.

Et-Cetera Engineering designs, manufactures and sells the major mechanical components for both land and offshore drilling rigs as well as complete land drilling and well servicing rigs. We service equipments and supply services to the pipeline industry. Our primary products and services include pipeline construction equipment, automatic welding systems and provide managed subsea services, joint coating and heat treatment, non-destructive testing, pipe weighting systems, laybarge equipment, conveying systems and concrete weight coating. The major mechanical components include drawworks, mud pumps, power swivels, SCR systems, traveling equipment and rotary tables.

The Company also designs and manufactures a broad offering of downhole products, including drilling motors and specialized drilling tools for rent and sale. Et-Cetera Engineering also provides distribution services through its network of distribution service centers.

Et-Cetera Engineering - Servicing of Equipments