Et-cetera Engineering Limited
Et-cetera Engineering Limited
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Et-Cetera Engineering is a large independently owned petroleum marketing companies. We attribute our size and growth to our extensive knowledge of the industry and our ability to meet the needs of petroleum marketers and end users in our ever changing markets. We provide continuous supplies of competitively priced gasolines, fuels, propane, diesel fuel, oil, lubricants and related services, red and white heating oils, lubricants, greases and aviation fuels for customers throughout the country. From our customer focused risk management programs to market competitive daily pricing, choosing to do business with Et-Cetera Engineering is the right choice in every respect. We can provide fast fuel delivery throughout the country and we are able to handle your requirements wherever and whenever they may be.

Our experience in supplying diesel fuel, oils and related products throughout the country means we understand the importance of a reliable and consistent service, but on those times when an unforeseen fuel requirement occurs, our out of hours and emergency delivery service is second to none. As a true nationwide fuel supplier, we are a 'One-Stop-Shop' for all your fuel, oil and lubricant related products, so whether you are looking for the installation of a fuel storage tank, fuel transfer or waste oil removal, spillage control or environmental/technical advice, give it to Et-Cetera Engineering. Our aim is to provide an express delivery service to all our customers at competitive prices.

As a market specialist, Et-Cetera Engineering has not only insight into the activities of the major oil companies, but also has daily discussions with indepenent companies, traders and bunker suppliers. Et-Cetera Engineering acting as an independent broker, reports all price movements and market activities to participants in order to bring buyers and sellers to an agreement. Et-Cetera Engineering has a feeling of personal responsibility for all terms and conditions agreed in the final deal and, thanks to extensive local knowledge, also assists in all operational aspects of the deals.

Our customers can be confident that their supply is not only secure but competitively priced. The company is principally engaged in the marketing & distribution of petroleum products like super, regular, diesel, aviation fuel, kerosene, & lubricants. Et-Cetera Engineering carries its business operations in four business lines Retail sales, Commercial sales, Aviation fuel supplies and Lubricants. The company's petroleum products retails sales operations are supported by filling stations across the country. Et-Cetera Engineering offers bulk fuel sales to government and commercial organizations includes power stations, desalination plants, transport companies, contracting companies and oil services companies. The company also markets well known lubricants brands. In addition, it is supplying aviation fuel to major local and international airlines.

Our Objectives in petroleum product marketing is to:

To be a leading name in the international petroleum industry arena and to entrench its position as a premier marketer of lubricating oils in the region.

To deliver quality products and services to all customers at a price that reflects true value in the marketplace and to insure these products and services meet customers' expectations and requirements that equal or surpass competition.

To listen constantly to our customers, to learn how their industry is changing and how we must change to meet their emerging expectations and requirements.

We provide discount fuel to commercial, government, and wholesale customers of all sizes. Commercially, we service the trucking, construction, railroad, mining, and manufacturing industries as well as utilities and private fleets. In the public sector, we are both a contract and spot supplier to government agencies of all types, including mass transit, and school boards. Our shipping and supply strength also allow us to provide savings to wholesale fuel jobbers, hypermarkets, and other unbranded retailers. Contact us now to know our delivery schedule.
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