Et-cetera Engineering Limited
Et-cetera Engineering Limited
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Et-Cetera Engineering couples the technology you demand with the support, service, and sourcing necessary to ensure we meet all of your business needs. From efficient procurement and leasing through licensing management and beyond, our array of solutions revolve around you. For hardware, software, and associated services, turn to Et-Cetera Engineering .

-We have experience in providing a broad range of technology solutions
-Procurement as a service program to you provides your business with more┬ácomplete solutions and additional   revenue
-Experienced account team with a vast years of industry experience
-Client Portal on our website to provide you with a detailed account status
-Online Storefront customized to meet your specific needs
-Fast, reliable shipping from over 200 nationwide
-Multiple channels for product sourcing including Dell

Our immediate access to an extensive pool of resources sets us apart from other procurement companies and makes us unique to the industry.


Et-Cetera Engineering - Procurement of IT Resources