Et-cetera Engineering Limited
Et-cetera Engineering Limited
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Et-Cetera Engineering couples the technology you demand with the support, service, and sourcing necessary to ensure we meet all of your business needs. From efficient procurement and leasing through licensing management and beyond, our array of solutions revolve around you. For hardware, software, and associated services, turn to Et-Cetera Engineering .

Tools and Technologies
-Customised API middleware Integration for your hardware devices using various stack of programming languages.
-Automating your operations and administration of your hardware devices irrespective of where they are located using devops tools; AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
-Shipping your solutions into microservices using Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Chef, Jenkins and Message Brokers,
-Online customized user friendly solutions using various front end technologies, back end technologies and meet your specific needs
-Fast, reliable shipping nationwide
Immediate access to an extensive pool of software engineers and resources, and this sets us apart from other telecommunication supporting companies and makes us unique to the industry.


Et-Cetera Engineering - Software Development Outsourcing