Et-cetera Engineering Limited
Et-cetera Engineering Limited
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Et-Cetera Engineering Limited works with partners to provide operations and maintenance solutions that range from network inspection to vendor management, routine maintenance, upgrades, troubleshooting and management of the Network Operations centre as part of our Network Operations and Maintenance; and this provides our customers with a one-stop-solution. Our vast experience in several vendors gives us that edge to providing an advanced network that ensures profitability. We believe that our customer’s network is our network and as such we give our all to ensuring our SLA’s with our customers are maintained at all times.

It's small consolation, but you're not alone in struggling with the challenges of securing the network. Attacks grow in sophistication and frequency with each passing week. Info security policy and regulatory compliance is now a core business requirement, and the consequences of non-compliance are increasingly severe. The cost of a single security incident can be crippling, if not ruinous. And limited IT budgets are going to be the prevailing reality for the foreseeable future.

Et-Cetera Engineering gets you over these hurdles and gives you total control over your network by efficiently operating and maintainance of your network

With our unique combination of products and services, we operate at the intersection of networking and security. We create secure network infrastructures where security is embedded within the network, not tacked on like other solutions and tools. We give you total control over the pathways by which attacks target your organization, giving you command over endpoint access and compliance, the network perimeter, remote access, incoming email and web content, vulnerable devices, and every packet of data moving across the network. We understand that security has to be comprehensive, and we offer the full slate of solutions that keep you safe and compliant.

Et-Cetera Engineering - Network Operations and Maintainance